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“May your vibes shift the whole damn frequency of the room when you walk in.”

Shit Shifter

Are you sick of life feeling hard, overwhelming and just plain shit? Will some simple tools we can begin to shift the energy and create feelings of calm, ease and happiness.


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Shit Shifting Session

Each Shit Shifting Session is unique. They are designed to tap into your unique energies and offer the most appropriate and powerful healing and tools for you. This is where most people start their one on one journey with me and it is a great way to clear old crap out of your mental, emotional and energetic being to begin to lift the overwhelm and offer light at the end of the tunnel. 

Energy Alignment

Feeling scattered, all over the place and like you are fighting a loosing battle. An energy alignment session helps get you back in focus, removed unwanted energy and blocks that are holding you back and lightens the load for you. This is the ideal way to get re-aligned with your goals, your life and your energy so you can flow forward feeling lighter. 

Humpty Dumpty

For when you need to get it all together and you just feel like you are falling apart. This session offers a quick adjustment to support you in pulling it all together to move forward in the one direction with more ease. You will leave feeling like you have more clarity and a clearer direction and most importantly, you'll know you've got this. 


What People Are Saying

“When I started the Stressed to Blessed Journey with Chris I was scared and excited. Along the way I lost my crankiness and gained peace. What was most powerful was that I discovered myself and that stuff, good stuff happened without me having to control it.”


Business Finance

“I always leave feeling so empowered and with such clear vision. Today was amazing… words can’t describe how magical it was! I’m on the path to the ‘better’ me!”


Business Owner and Entrepreneur

“Chris’ happy and nurturing nature relaxed and comforted me instantly and through her healing sessions she has guided and supported me. I can honestly say her sessions have given me the strength, calm and focus I needed to not only deal with my journey, but embrace it with love, joy and compassion.”


Mum, Grandmother and all 'round amazing lady.


Old, Fat, Sick, Stupid and Sexless

Did you know that 75% - 90% of Doctor appointments are stress related??? And there is a really good reason for that.  Stress makes us Old, Fat, Sick, Stupid and Sexless. Yep, all the things we go see a doctor about.  Let’s imagine for a moment that a huge sabre tooth...

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Balance is Bullshit

Are you busy trying to do it all? If you are, you are probably tying yourself up in knots and not doing any of it well. It's exhausting, completely overwhelming and can leave you feel like you can't get anything right.I know, I've been there too. Trying to do it all,...

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Enlightenment on the Loo

I want to take you back about 9 years ago, my new partner and I had not long moved in together and life was pretty crazy. Here is a quick snap shot... 5 kids from 8 - 13, two mamma bears, two home based business’ and a part time job. It was crazy and on top of all...

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I'm so excited your here and wanting to Shift the Shit in your life. I love sending out tips and tools all for FREE. So, if you stay connected, you too can recieve them. 

You're Connected. I'm so excited you're here. Keep an eye out for your first email with some great Shit Shifting tips and tools. In the meantime, remember to breathe and walk gently. Big love and Blessings Chris Shana

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