Shit Shifting Sessions

What is a Shit Shifting Session

This session is designed especially for you. Your unique energy, your unique issues will dictate how the session unfolds. I have listed below a few of the modalities that I use to assist you in creating change, releasing what no longer serves and aligning with yourself again. 

In this comfortable and safe space, you will feel completely at ease as I guide you through every step of the process that unfolds. It is not my job to walk you through old trauma and relive it all with you, however if this stuff rises up, we will deal with it too. This session is about walking you forward with more ease and grace  to a place of empowerment and calm. 



Rekindled Ancient Wisdom

Better known as RAW, is a balance of evolution. It is designed to help us find our own personal power so we may evolve beyond our current circumstance.  Leading you to a place of personal power, this beautiful process assists in dissolving issues and allowing new vibrational pattens to be established. By doing this it opens the energies for change and creates a new platform to build the life you desire. 


Pellowah Healing

Pellowah is an Angelic word that means radical shift in consciousness. This gentle and profound process is deeply relaxing and produces positive feeling which get stronger over time. The growth and change brought about may Pellowah will help build on old frameworks without trauma allowing you to gain a new perspective, feel less overwhelmed and therefore make higher choices. 


Access Bars

The “Bars” is like an energetic clean out. This process is the give of receiving. During your Bars session you will willingly delete the stuff that is stored in your ‘hard drive’ that you no longer wish to access. Your brain waves will slow down, allowing access to old patterning and points of view that have been holding you back so they can be removed. This allows you to be more present and aware in your life. 



Psych-k helps you positively direct change and allows you do it quickly and painlessly by changing subconscious beliefs that are limiting you. In this non-invasive, interactive process we can facilitate change at the subconscious level in the areas of behavioural, wellness and stress reduction, by eliminating the ‘roadblocks’ of limiting beliefs and outdated programs that are in place. 

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