What I Do


I love helping women who struggle with overwhelm, stress, and major life changes. Most of us have experienced this is some way and it is my super power to lead you to achieving a sense of empowerment and calm. The tools and techniques I offer,  shift the shit that is holding you back, clear the crap that is no longer working for you and offer emotional, mental and energetic clarity.

My Philosophy

We all have unlimited potential, but because of the crap we have accumulated on an emotional, mental and energetic level, there are blocks in our path that get in the way of our ‘happy’. Simply by shifting our energy, creating new ways of being and eliminating what doesn’t serve us, we can begin to live a life that you actually enjoy and come from a place of calm, peace and happiness. By creating a sense of balance and alignment, life starts to flow and we return to our natural state of being, a state of relaxation, joy and calm. From this point, we been to feel ‘in the flow’ of life, rather than fighting against it, we respond to life, rather than react and we open to out good, rather than resist it.

Joy really is our natural state of being, isn’t it time we returned to it?

My Methods

During a session you could experience many different things. I work with a several different healing modalities as well as tap into the energetic imbalances within your system. With this, I am able to connect with your energies and see what needs balancing and aligning and what tools and modalities will serve you best. Sessions are fun, they mostly feel like we are having a conversation, but while this is happening, there is much energy work being done.

All you really need to bring with you to a session is a willingness and openness to the good you deserve. I will step you through every part of the process so you feel completely supported in a place of non-judgment and safety.

My Goals

My goal within each session is to have you leaving lighter and more at ease, with tools that you can take home and begin to enjoy using to create a life that you enjoy living. I love what I do and am blessed to this work, my mission is to share it with as many women as I can.

I continue to use the tools I share on a daily basis and open myself up to new ways of being and learning. I know that the magic is in the stuff I don’t even know that I don’t even know and this is what excites me – the magic that is yet to come.

Shit Shifting Session

Each Shit Shifting Session is unique. They are designed to tap into your unique energies and offer the most appropriate and powerful healing and tools for you. This is where most people start their one on one journey with me and it is a great way to clear old crap out of your mental, emotional and energetic being to begin to lift the overwhelm and offer light at the end of the tunnel. 

Energy Alignment

Feeling scattered, all over the place and like you are fighting a loosing battle. An energy alignment session helps get you back in focus, removed unwanted energy and blocks that are holding you back and lightens the load for you. This is the ideal way to get re-aligned with your goals, your life and your energy so you can flow forward feeling lighter. 

Humpty Dumpty

For when you need to get it all together and you just feel like you are falling apart. This session offers a quick adjustment to support you in pulling it all together to move forward in the one direction with more ease. You will leave feeling like you have more clarity and a clearer direction and most importantly, you'll know you've got this. 

Stay Connected

I'm so excited your here and wanting to Shift the Shit in your life. I love sending out tips and tools all for FREE. So, if you stay connected, you too can recieve them. 

You're Connected. I'm so excited you're here. Keep an eye out for your first email with some great Shit Shifting tips and tools. In the meantime, remember to breathe and walk gently. Big love and Blessings Chris Shana

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