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Hi, I so pleased your here. My name is Chris and I too have been on a journey. There are times where the smile on my face was just for show and I felt like I couldn’t keep moving forward. I have screamed at God, felt alone and lost and not known where to turn. You may have felt some of these things too.

I am so grateful that today I have tools that support me everyday and if these old feelings come back, I know just what to do with them. The journey to here hasn’t always been easy and its taken me to some very low and very vulnerable places, but I was blessed with amazing women in my life who help my hand, picked me up and shone a light for me to follow.

I would be honoured to do that for you.

Today I live a life I love, but that hasn’t always been the case. I found myself not even recognising the woman in the mirror. The girl I once was, was long gone, the woman I had hoped to become was nowhere in sight and an old lady was peeping around the corner. My marriage was ending, I had 3 young children and I just wanted to give up. Of course I didn’t, one look at those 3 little faces and I knew I had to do something different. I was in a vicious cycle of drama, overwhelm and pain. What felt like the end, became a turning point, a point where I began to do the thing that felt the hardest, ask for help. When I did, magic started to happen, support showed up, and I could see a glimmer of hope. Over the weeks, months and years that were to follow, I learned how to give myself the what I needed, the things I’d been lacking and looking for outside of myself. I began to heal, to lighten up and to smile from my soul. It has been a journey and one I cherish for the gifts and the tools it gave me. The same tools I still use today and share with my clients.

I now have 3 adult children, 2 step children, an amazing wife and a beautiful granddaughter. Life has changed a lot for me, but first, I had to change for it.

It can and does get better, I promise, you just have to have the right tools in your belt and use them.

% on track and I can still hit the moon

% of doctor appointment are stress related

%of success is showing up

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Email: chris@chrisshana.com.au

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